A team of independent engineers, scientists and other professionals associated with the Energy Realists of Australia prepared a submission to comment on the latest draft of the Integrated System Plan produced by the Energy Market Operator AEMO.

The report states that the plan for the future of our electricity supply fails to meet any of the national goals for reliability, affordability and cost-effective reduction of emissions.

“The ISP also does not meet consumer interests and is negligent regards detail, creates substantial risks to the environment, requires consumers to support the grid with solar PV and batteries, imposes intrusive controls on home generation, storage and usage of electricity, and poses significant risks to national security.”

“The ISP shows no evidence of the rigorous system engineering required for high reliability system

development, taking into account worst-case conditions and reserve supply margins.”


Please note, this is a slightly revised version of the report which includes the correct email address of the corresponding author This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.